Sadixya Pant, a field investigator deployed in Dolakha for ‘Household Registration for Housing Reconstruction Programme – 2072’ shares her experience: 

Like other engineers, I was also very excited and enthusiastic about how will experience of data collection for a national housing reconstruction survey would be. Though signing the contract itself was a big deal in fact a challenge for me as I had never been away from my house for such a long time.

I was very eager to enter in the field and do what I can through my knowledge for the betterment of nation. So, I along with my fellow colleagues and district coordinators headed towards Dolakha on 31st December after fully boosting ourselves by attending the 4 days training programme to play an important role in collecting digital database intended for NHRP.

On the very next day we were welcomed at Kalinchowk School by the District Governor and other officials of the municipality, District Development Committee, CBS and HERD where our work division was done.  We were also introduced to our respective social mobilizer. My work commenced from 3rd of January at Bhimeshwor municipality ward no. 9. I got continuous support from the mobiliser I was provided.

Although I was filled with passion and eagerness to enter into this whole new world as a surveyor but the actual real scenario was completely different from what I had imagined. It was not as easy as it seemed before. I had to walk 2 hours through steep roads from the main city area. First few days were very hectic, seriously painful but later I managed somehow and it went well. We even had homestays in village area. I was supported by the villagers; the hospitality they provided was remarkable. The coordinators of HERD even KLL responded us well whenever we had to come across any sort of complications or confusions throughout our working period. The toll free helpline provided by CBS was really helpful in convincing the people. 

Various complicated situations also occurred such as people making numerous false claims with the expectation that they would receive compensation amount. Even after all the challenges I made sure that I never go against my ethical standards and tried my best to handle those situations as every responsible individual does.

I completed my work by inspecting exactly 467 households in around 40 days and was set to come back home in Kathmandu with all new experiences, so many stories to tell and incidents to share. I even got so much love and affection from the people and places of Dolakha. Now I am looking forward in getting a chance to participate in any such programmes and contribute in whatever way I can.

Dolakha field visit added a new chapter in my life as the experience has made me more confident, bold and stronger like never before.

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