Dalit Empowerment Project (DEP)-Integrated Package for Holistic Development of Dalit Community of Bhaluwa VDC in Sunsari District

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100 % progress so far

Started Date:December 25 2017 Completed Date:June 30 2018

Dalit Empowerment Project (DEP)-Integrated Package for Holistic Development of Dalit Community of Bhaluwa VDC in Sunsari District

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HERD International undertook this study to assess the interventions of Karuna Foundation Nepal which focused on Education, Health, WASH, Social empowerment, and Economic empowerment such as income management, land ownership, etc. in the Dalit community. The project was implemented to bring substantial and measurable changes in the lives of the Dalit people which focused on health services, education and economic opportunities in the Bhaluwa VDC, to see whether the community were able to make choices and utilize these opportunities to uplift their social status in the community in coordination with Community organization of Musahars under the leadership of Village Development Committee.

Objectives of our study

1. To assess the social, economic and health status of the Dalit families (Mushahar, Paswan and Bishwokarma) of Bhaluwa VDC, SunsarI.

2. Study the health and nutrition status of mothers and children

3. To assess status of Early Childhood Development Centers (ECD) in the locality.


Face to face interview was carried out in all households (N=212). Head of the household were the respondent for the general questionnaire to assess social, economic and health awareness. Married Women of Reproductive age (MWRA) were asked questionnaire related to Maternal and Child Health. Youngest married women of the family were asked questions relating to women’s autonomy and violence against women. Observation was done for WASH related questionnaire and ECD. Anthropometric measurement was carried out for under- five children and MWRA. Height was measured to the nearest 0.1 cm without shoes, with two feet together, standing erect and   looking straight ahead in a Frankfurt plane. Respondents were told to take a deep breath in and height was measured with a measuring tape. Weight was measured to the nearest 0.1 Kg with light clothes on.

Project lead and team members

Our team is led by Dr. Sushil Chandra Baral, supported by Dr. Pankaj Joshi, Ms. Shophika Regmi, Ms. Abriti Arjyal, Mr. Subash Gajurel, Ms. Puja KC and Mr. Saugat Pratap KC.