Trisha Manandhar, a field researcher shares her experience of the field. 

It was my first time working with HERD and my thoughts were only centred on this opportunity to be a great platform to strengthen my professional skills. Apart from the ultimate expectations that I carried before, it turned out to be something more than just some calculated thoughts.

There’s always some kind of mixed feelings hidden inside us when it comes to meeting people that we have never met before. This assumption of mine turned out to be just a false judgement after staying in completely different places in Nuwakot for 25 days. This survey turned out to be one of the most memorable time of my life until now which taught me things that cannot be found in any text books or publications.

I do recall memories of being fortunate enough to work with people in the village who treated us like family members even in just a short span of time. Also, having eyes full of tears before bidding them goodbye.  Although there were times when riding on an eicher truck would be no less than a heart attack, we still felt grateful of being able to experience different emotions of joy, fear, excitement, hardship all at the same time.

At the very end, I’m thankful to this organization for providing us this opportunity which helped us grow in every other way. I do hope to work with the HERD team again in the future and to be engaged in such research activities. 

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