Nepal Health Sector Support Programme (NHSSP)

HERD International, as a consortium partner for Nepal Health Sector Support Programme (NHSSP), managed and extended technical support to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) in Nepal. This programme was designed as an embedded Technical Assistance to the Government of Nepal for the implementation of the Nepal Health Sector Strategy (NHSS) 2016-2022 and was spread across all seven provinces. The technical support in these areas was provided by a multidisciplinary team across federal, provincial and local levels The main component of the programme was for enhancing the capacity of the MoHP to develop policy and legal framework, strengthen service delivery, evidence-based planning and gender and social inclusion. The Programme was implemented in the context of the Post-Earthquake and passed through the federalization process and COVID-19 Pandemic. Hence, support for the MoHP was tailored considering the evolving context and priority areas. Within the scope of the Programme, HERD International also engaged with multiple development partners and stakeholders within and beyond the health sector under the framework of Sector Wide Approach. Besides technical assistance in strategic areas, various study reports and knowledge products were also produced to support evidence-informed policy and planning processes.

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