Surveys for Urban Equity (SUE): getting, and using, the data to respond to NCDs in urban areas

This is a multi-country and multi-method study that aimed to test the feasibility, cost and appropriateness of three novel survey and visualisation methods (WorldPop data, gridded sampling and OpenStreeMap). The focus of the project was on two neglected non-communicable diseases (NCDs) namely mental ill-health and injuries. The purpose of using these novel techniques was to appropriately represent all wealth groups in urban areas, and allow planners to see an unbiased picture of distributions of NCDs, which they can use for equitable planning and monitoring in urban areas. We also identified and tested questions to assess mental ill-health and injuries – and developed urban-appropriate definitions of a household and measures of wealth. We worked with municipal governments to improve – with the use of the visualization tool – the use of resultant survey data in urban planning. Throughout we worked closely with governments to understand data needs and co-produce appropriate data visualisation tools to enable use of data generated for equitable planning and monitoring in urban areas.

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