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Education Qualification

Master of Public Health (MPH), Universitas Gadjah Mada, 2023
Bachelor of Public Health (BPH), Tribhuvan University, 2018

Aney Rijal

Qualitative Research Officer

Ms. Aney Rijal is a dedicated public health professional, holding master’s in public health with a specialization in Implementation Research. She has experience in mixed method approaches in the field of tropical disease and health insurance researches.

Ms. Rijal extends her expertise in research design, stakeholder analysis, data analysis and evidence synthesis along with communication, coordination with the multidisciplinary stakeholders. She is keen in conducting health systems research in infectious disease, tropical medicine, biosecurity, climate change and mental health. She is also interested and experienced in undertaking policy reviews and analyses. She is dedicated in advocating for health actions through publications, development of policy briefs and dissemination at stakeholder level.

In her current capacity as Qualitative Research Officer for ReBUILD for Resilience (R4R) project at HERD International, she works closely with local health system in understanding the nuances of health system and identifying strategies to strengthen and build resilient health system, undertaking Participatory Action Research (PAR). She is also engaged in learning site project, and Climate Change and health research.

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