Anil Bhattarai

Leadership and Governance - Provincial Coordinator

Personal bio

With more than 7 years of professional experiences and technical skills, he has cultivated within him the specialized knowledge, varied skills, competencies, experiences and capacity on strengthening health systems and delivering quality public health professionalism including mentoring, facilitating and managing team. The creativity and innovation that define his work ethic fits well with the core values for strengthening health outcomes: leadership and governance improve stewardship of the health sector; facilitating the use of high quality data to enable decision making; institutionalizing sustainable quality assurance and improvement processes with access to quality basic healthcare services.

His academic and professional career has deepened my experience and understanding to provide direction, leadership, and on-going assessment of health systems component, including activities to support province, district and municipal level policymakers on policy and programming, strategic planning, resource allocation, legislation and regulation. These experiences have enabled him to develop invaluable skills in providing technical expertise for planning, management, and governance of health service delivery, health system strengthening, logistics supply chain management in the province and municipalities.

He is currently working in the capacity of Leadership and Governance- Provincial Coordinator named in Lumbini Province in NHSSP.

Education Qualification

Master of Public Health, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, Nepal, 2017

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned.

Development of Provincial and Municipal level Health Policies, acts, strategies and guidelines in Lumbini province.

Contributed as a panelist of the session “Building Health Systems at Sub-national Level” in the First Public Health Conference of Nepal

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