Education Qualification

Master of Public Health (MPH), James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, 2019. (Distinction)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing), Nepalese Army Institute of Health Science, TU, 2016. (Distinction)



Ayuska Parajuli

Senior Research Officer

Ayuska Parajuli is a public health researcher and a former nurse with strong willed spirit and a wealth of experiences in the field. Armed with a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), Ayuska has dedicated more than five years to the persistent pursuit of understanding and addressing critical issues in public health.
Her expertise spans various domains, with a particular focus on antimicrobial resistance, gender and intersectionality, and infectious diseases of poverty such as tuberculosis and lymphatic filariasis. Ayuska’s commitment to inclusive research methodologies is evident in her utilization of participatory action research, community engagement approaches, and both qualitative and quantitative methods. Her approach is uniquely enriched by an intersectional gender lens, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the complex dynamics that influence health outcomes.
Ayuska has contributed significantly to the research landscape through her involvement in diverse projects. Notably, she has been a pivotal force in the “Community-Led Solution to Antimicrobial Resistance” initiative, where her passion for community engagement and participatory approaches has proven instrumental. Her work extends beyond traditional research methods to include innovative techniques such as participatory videos, photo voice, and community dialogue approaches.
In addition to her academic and research pursuits, Ayuska is an advocate for community-led solutions and believes in the transformative power of research in shaping policies that foster health equity. Her journey exemplifies a tireless commitment to advancing public health.

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