Education Qualification

Master of Public Health (MPH), Pokhara University, Nepal, 2022
Bachelor in Public Health (BPH), Pokhara University, Nepal, 2017
Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing, CTEVT, Nepal, 2011

Grishu Shrestha

Research Officer

Grishu Shrestha is a public health professional with background in nursing. With a foundation in PCL Nursing and a Masters degree in Public Health, Grishu brings both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to her work. Her journey began in direct patient care as a nurse, giving her firsthand experience in understanding the needs and challenges faced by individuals within the healthcare system.

Prior to this, she had worked as a field coordinator for a randomized controlled trial (RCT) study related to vaccination programs showcased her ability to manage complex projects and ensure their smooth execution. Subsequently, she worked as a quality assurance officer where she collaborated with NFDF and Oxford University.

Her current position as a Research Officer at HERD International signifies her continued growth and development as a public health researcher. Engaged in the CHORUS project, Grishu’s expertise in both quantitative and qualitative data analysis has been instrumental in advancing research efforts aimed at addressing critical health issues. Her ability to navigate and interpret diverse sets of data adds depth and rigor to her research endeavors, ultimately contributing to evidence-based decision-making in public health.

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