Education Qualification

Master in Public Health (K.S. Hedge Medical Academy, Nitte University, India)

Koshish Raj Gautam

Health System Strengthening Officer

Public health professional, who has been working in the health and development sector for the past 7 years. My prior work experiences have provided me with opportunities to contribute to health system strengthening programs, tuberculosis program, maternal and child health, and nutrition projects, health emergency programs, and health system support program during the recent COVID-19 pandemic in various parts of Nepal. I am currently working as a technical officer for the Nepal Health Sector Support Program (NHSSP-II), which has allowed me to develop my expertise and work in the changed federal structure of our health system, thereby, closely supporting the federal units. This has not only sparked an interest within me in the Health system and Policy during a political transition state in resource-constrained settings but has also motivated me to build my expertise in this field. My areas of interest are tuberculosis, active case-finding modalities for infectious diseases, health system strengthening in resource-constrained settings, health policy, maternal and child health, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, health service delivery in remote,  health emergency and preparedness, health system research.

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned:

Had the opportunity to work in CB-IMCI and CB-NCP projects at the start of my professional career. Later, he slowly built interest in the tuberculosis program, because of which he worked as program coordinator for Stop TB Partnership’s TB REACH Wave-5 project and Global Fund’s National Tuberculosis Program in remote districts as well as in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. In recent years, he was able to engage as a technical professional in health system strengthening programs such as USAID’s Strengthening Systems for Better Health Activity and UKAID’s Nepal Health Sector Support Program (NHSSP-II). All these programs required him to work in close coordination with the government health system.

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