Education Qualification

Bachelors in Public Health

Lekh Nath Neupane

Public health professional with over 8 years of experience in Government Health systems and NGOs/INGOs. His key area of professional experience is good governance, GESI, health system strengthening, and quality improvement of health service eg. MNCH, FP, Nutrition and Health Emergencies.

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned:

Worked for nearly five years with the District Health Office and Sub-Metropolitan City Health Section for the planning, Monitoring, Supervision and implementation of the district health Program. Afterward worked at Municipal Health Program as a Public Health Officer and worked for 3 years in the Implementation of MNCH Project, FP-FACT Project and Good Nutrition Project. Also has 1 year in Health Emergency eg, Covid-19 case management and Vaccine management at the district level and local level.

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