Education Qualification

Master of Engineering in Earthquake/Structural Engineering.

Mukesh Maharjan

Structural Engineer

Mr. Maharjan is currently working as a Structural engineer at NHSSP (Health Infrastructure).

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned:

Earthquake Resistant Technology Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (2013-2019)

As a Designer, Seismic resistant design of structures and substructures of the residential, commercial, hospital, monumental and office buildings. Retrofit design of existing buildings and foundations considering future earthquake probability. Seismic vulnerability assessment of the building. Construction supervision of building construction and quality checks. Project supervisor for BE civil and Thesis supervisor for ME in Earthquake in Khwopa Engineering College. Provide Training to Masons on Earthquake Resistance Techniques after the Gorkha earthquake.

Nepal Health Sector Support Programme (2019-till date)

As a Structural Engineer, Technical assistance to DUDBC in the retrofitting of two priority hospitals (Bhaktapur Hospital and Gandaki Hospital)

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