Education Qualification

Bachelors in Public Health (BPH), Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 2023

Parash Mani Sapkota

Research Assistant

Mr. Parash Mani Sapkota is a public health graduate from Tribhuvan University who is passionate about excelling in the field of public health. Mr. Sapkota embarked on his professional journey as an intern at HERD International, progressing to a full time role where he has accumulated a year of valuable experience as a researcher.

Mr. Sapkota’s expertise lies in data management and analysis. As a young professional, he finds himself captivated by the world of health informatics and data science, leveraging technology to enhance public health. With skills in both quantitative and qualitative research, he excels in GIS, data analysis, health infographics and survey tool development. Currently, he actively contributes in ongoing Strengthening Urban Health System – CHORUS project and as a co-investigator in the Co-design of Adolescent Mental Health Intervention at HERD International.

With a foundation built on solid research skills and a penchant for data-driven healthcare decisions, Mr. Sapkota is dedicated to make a meaningful impact in the ever dynamic world of public health. His enthusiasm for leveraging technology and health reflects his values of innovation and progress in the field of public health. Having a keen eye for learning new skills, Mr. Sapkota aspires to continue contributing to innovation in research and further enriching his expertise as a researcher.

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