Education Qualification

Master in Public Health (Rajiv Ghandhi University of Health Science)

Bachelor in Public Health (Pokhara University)

Rajesh Rana

Health System Strengthening Officer

A public health professional with more than 3 years of experience working in rural vulnerable rural households families, young children and mothers understanding rural communities, embracing cultural ethnicity and working for improving their mindset as well as way of life with empathy and management of resources and support.

The primary responsibility of supporting the program objectives and goals set within a given period and proper management of available resources in various Municipalities and Rural Municipalities. He has an excellent ability to strategically plan for, achieve project goals, and maintain interpersonal, organizational and problem-solving capabilities during his work tenure even in critical emergencies. He has been accomplishing his roles and responsibilities by motivating and inspiring the team members to give their best while being motivated and inspired from the teamwork at the same time. Under his leadership, he has been successfully acting as a bridge to connect team, board members, community, relevant stakeholders and various partners towards the common oriented goals, targets and objectives set under the project during his working period with mutual respect, collaboration, understanding and sharing of the platform. 

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned:

Worked as a Project Coordinator working for access and creation Nepal, which is a local NGO based in Achham focusing on social prosperity, Maternal Child Health Nutrition project, targeted to improve the nutritional status of under-five children.

Worked as a Rapid Public Health Assessment and Post Disaster Syndromic Surveillance of Flood at Dhanusha district under EDCD.

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