Education Qualification

Masters of Business Studies (MBS) from TU Nepal

Ramesh Pathak

Operation Manager

Mr. Ramesh Pathak is a management expert with over 15 years of experience in the operational management. He holds a master’s degree in management. He is proficient in collaborating with national and international, and bi-lateral organizations. His expertise spans across diverse domains, including accounting, financial management, logistics, HR, and administration. Ramesh plays a pivotal role in organizational planning, demonstrating a profound understanding of Nepalese taxation and compliance complexities related to corporate and non-profit status.

In his current capacity as Operations Manager at HERD International, Mr. Pathak demonstrates a strong foundation in operational management, honed through years of hands-on experience and continuous professional development. His commitment to excellence is evident in his strategic approach to enhancing operational systems, processes, and policies, aligning them with the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy.

Mr. Pathak excels in managing and optimizing Support Services, including HR, Logistics, and Finance. Through targeted improvements within each function and fostering seamless coordination between support and program functions, he significantly enhances overall operational efficiency.

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