Education Qualification

Master of Public Health (MPH), University of Sheffield, UK [Merit] – January, 2013

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH), Pokhara University, Nepal [Distinction] – October, 2009

Shophika Regmi

Senior Manager: Health System Research, Evaluation and Learning

Personal bio

Ms Shophika has been working in health and social research for nearly a decade. During these years, she has led and managed research projects of different nature and scale, which include implementation research, evaluation research, national level surveillance study, large-scale survey and mixed methods studies. She also has a good experience of literature and policy reviews using systematic review and critical appraisal techniques. Having a keen interest in health systems research, her current engagements are focused on health systems strengthening projects, mainly by identifying gaps, and co-designing and co-planning models to support health systems at national and local levels. Her interest also lies on promoting use of evidence in policy actions and health agendas. She works as Senior Manager: Health System Research, Evaluation and Learning at HERD International and is a member of Senior Management Team.

Work undertaken that best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned

  1. Research Manager/Country Co-Investigator: Project – ReBUILD for Resilience (May 2020 – April 2026), implemented by HERD International, funded by FCDO/Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Functions: overall project management, lead implementation research on health system strengthening and other mini research studies, including monitoring, evaluation and uptake. Currently leading (as co-I) a rapid study on policy provisions and health workforce management in response to COVID-19 at local level (mix of policy review and qualitative method).
  • Research team member: Project – Community-led effective and responsive urban health systems/CHORUS (May 2020 – April 2026), implemented by HERD International, funded by FCDO/University of Leeds, UK.  Functions: contributing in design and implementation of research project, leading COVID-19 policy analysis and supporting in media analysis etc.
  • Co-Investigator: Project – Partnership for Equity and Inclusion (Oct 2020-Mar 2021), implemented by HERD International, funded by UKRI/University of Leeds, UK, a mini research (qualitative and policy review) assessing gender and intersectionality in health information system. Functions: overall lead in design, implementation, analysis including development of reports, brief, and publication.
  • Research Manager: Project – Factors affecting stock-out of essential medicines in government health facilities of Nepal (June 2018-Aug 2019), implemented by HERD International, funded by USAID. Functions: Design and development of tools, oversight in data analysis, led report and ongoing publications (drafting manuscripts as lead and co-author) of this national level large-scale study that applied qualitative and quantitative methods reaching out to 275 health facilities across the country.
  • Research Manager: Project – Improving access to Diabetes Care in Nepal, a 3-year operational research (May 2016-February 2019), implemented by HERD International, funded by World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark. Functions: Managed project (2018 onwards) and implementation of diabetes care interventions in 2 earthquake affected districts, assessment of the effectiveness of interventions, led data analysis (qualitative) and development of outputs.
  • Research team member: Project – Tobacco cessation within TB programs – A randomized controlled trial, (Nov 2016-Dec 2019), multi-country study, funded by European Commission/ University of York, UK. Functions: Team member (2018 onwards), involved in monitoring project activities and outputs, managing and validating quantitative data, engaged in coding and analysis of qualitative data (of one of the work streams), report writing and co-publication.
  • Research team member: Project – Survey for urban equity (SUE), a 2-year mixed methods research study (April 2017-March 2019), conducted by HERD International, funded by Medical Research Council/University of Leeds, UK. Functions: Led qualitative component including participatory approaches (2018 onwards), engaged in qualitative data collection, coding and analysis, and generating academic outputs (ongoing) in collaboration with University of Leeds.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Manager: Project – Strengthening implementation of Multi-sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP), a national level project (Mid 2016-April 2017) implemented by HERD in 30 districts, funded by European Commission/UNICEF. Functions: Led monitoring and technical reporting, developed evaluation plan, designed indicators for evaluation of activities for all 7 concerned ministries, tracked progress against set targets and indicators, facilitated process documentation and led synthesis of data and development of project outputs.
  • Co-Investigator: Project – National Nutrition Sentinel Based Surveillance, (mid 2016-December 2017), conducted by HERD for Child Health Division, Ministry of Health, funded by European Commission/UNICEF. Functions: Led overall management, implementation of surveillance in 2 remote districts, data quality assurance and oversight on management and analysis of data, and led report write-up.
  • Research Manager: Project – Strengthening National Family Planning Program, 2-year evaluation studies of 3 family planning interventions of national significance in Nepal (mid-2014 to mid-2016) conducted by HERD International, co-funded by DFID and USAID. Functions: Overall design and implementation of 3 evaluation studies – developed evaluation plans with indicators, developed study tools and guidelines, data quality assurance and led analysis and write-up of evaluation reports and other outputs.
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