Education Qualification

Bachelor in Nursing [BNS], Tribhuvan University, 2020

Sindhu Subedi

Assistant Research Officer

Ms. Sindhu Subedi is a dedicated healthcare professional with a Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS) and a rich background in clinical practice with 2 years of experience at Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital. Her commitment extends beyond direct patient care, as evidenced by her role as a Research Assistant in the VALID project at HERD International. In this capacity, she had actively contributed to the field of maternal health, showcasing her proficiency in project implementation, document transcribing, and translation.

Academically, she has a strong foundation in nursing which is complemented by specialized training in COFP and counseling, equipping her with a holistic set of skills. Her current position as an Assistant Research Officer in the COSTAR project at HERD International underscores her continuous commitment to advancing research and healthcare.

She is guided by a set of strong values and principles, evident in her passion for maternal health. Her current focus lies in the COSTAR project, where she applies her expertise to contribute valuable insights. Her unique blend of clinical experience, research acumen, and counseling skills positions her as a versatile professional dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of research.

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