Education Qualification

Bachelor in Computer Engineering , TU, 2019

Sovin Shrestha

Assistant Officer - ICT

Sovin Shrestha is a skilled IT professional with a solid background in web development, networking, and system administration. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Tribhuvan University. Mr Sovin kicked off his IT journey at Ants Pvt Ltd, where he discovered his passion for programming and data development.

In his later roles, As a Junior Web Developer at GeoSpatial Systems Pvt Ltd, Sovin gained further experience in web development. Since 2020, he’s been the Assistant IT Officer at HERD International, where he has contributed in the development and management of HERDi website, Infographics design and server and networking management.

Sovin possesses skill sets that spans MS Office 365, Git/GitHub management, computer literacy, proficiency in project management tools, and expertise in web design. Additionally, he is adept in utilizing tools such as Canva and QGIS.

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