Education Qualification

Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health in Chitwan Medical College, Bharatpur, Chitwan (Trivuwan University) under the scholarship scheme of Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal.

Susila Pokhrel

Health System Strengthening Officer

Profile Bio

A dedicated public health professional having ample of experience in Provincial and District level health service program implementation, conducted various preventive and promotive health programs, trainings/class, event organizing and volunteering targeted towards wellbeing of the community, engagement in Government/INGO/NGO related health and development projects, trainings, seminars, workshops and meetings, Interpersonal Communication, Coordination, Monitoring, Supervision and Evaluation of health programs, information management, budgeting as well as recording, reporting and documentation of overall health program activities.

A versatile and self-motivated individual who holds strong professional ethics with specialization in preventive, promotive public health program, documentation, research assistant, organizing events/programs, report writing. Possesses excellent interpersonal skill capable to maintain a mutually beneficial internal and external connection with concerned I/NGOs, partner agencies and related stakeholders. Goal-oriented, meticulous yet practical to problem solving and believes in the spirit of teamwork and thrive under pressure to meet the objectives and goals within deadline.  

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