Expanding the range of family planning services through comprehensive VSC events (VSC+) in Baitadi and Darchula districts, Nepal

Traditional VSC camps tended to focus on delivering male and female sterilisation services only. This pilot and its evaluation aimed to assess if provision of a wider range of family planning services (including LARC, injectable contraceptives, oral contraceptives and counselling to the standard VSC services) delivered through VSC camps would attract the interest of potential female clients interested in alternative forms of contraception. The evaluation assessed if the approach actually expands availability and choice and leads to increases in uptake of family planning. Hence, the term ‘VSC+’ to refer to this expanded range of services. The pilot intervention was delivered between August and December 2015 in
Baitadi and Darchula, two hill districts of Nepal. Two modalities of implementation were piloted, one delivered by the District Health Office (DHO) of the MoH in Baitadi and one delivered by a private provider, Marie Stopes International/Sunaulo Pariwar Nepal (hereafter MSI/SPN) in Darchula

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