Education Qualification

Master of Public Health, University of Eastern Finland, Finland, 2014

Abriti Arjyal

Research Manager - Qualitative and Multidisciplinary Science

Key Expertise

Ms. Abriti Arjyal works as Research Manager – Multidisciplinary Qualitative Research – at HERD International and has experience in the area of public health, health system and service delivery research, social science and gender, and equity. She is an emerging young researcher with more than seven years of experience leading formative and operational field studies, evaluation studies, and literature reviews, with expertise in design and implementation of qualitative research, and various community and participatory based approaches. She has sound knowledge in the analysis of qualitative data using various qualitative data management software and frameworks. Most of her work has focused on health, gender, and resilience, which includes maternal and child health, antibiotic resistance, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience, nutrition, health system, diabetes, and violence against women.

Work is undertaken that best illustrates the capability to handle the tasks assigned

Exploring factors affecting a healthy lifestyle in patients with type II diabetes in Urban Kathmandu: She is the research lead for this qualitative study funded by University College London (UCL). This study explores the lifestyle and dietary practices of type II diabetes patients in urban Nepal.

Violence against women and women’s economic empowerment- Understanding gender dynamics within domestic, public, and workspaces: She is the team leader for this multi-country study being conducted in Pakistan, Myanmar, and Nepal. This study aims to understand the complex and reciprocal relationship that Violence against Women (VAW) has with Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE).

Strengthening National Family Planning Programme: She is the research lead for Nepal in one of the pilots “Mobilization of FCHVs to disseminate family planning messages using inter-personal communication in Myagdi district of Nepal”. This two-year monitoring and evaluation project comprises of pilot studies and analytical works.

Developing strategies to diffuse fertility awareness through community network- Formative Research for FACT project: Ms. Arjyal led the implementation of this research funded by the Institute of Reproductive Health, Georgetown University. This study aimed to explore awareness of fertility and family planning, as well as to understand factors influencing motivation and the ability to use family planning among young married women and men.

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