Education Qualification

Master in Population Gender and Development Study, Pokhara University,

Master in Business Administration, Tribhuwan University


Raju Raman Neupane

Project Coordinator

Mr. Raju Raman Neupane is a public health professional with a decade of experience in health systems and programs. He has more than 26 years of experience in the Government Health Sector working especially in child health and immunization, at the sub-national and district level. He also has experience at the local level for sectoral planning, monitoring, implementation as well as formulation of health policy and other policies documents. He is also skilled in disease surveillance (Vaccine preventable diseases) and information system for surveillance and has experience working in health emergency in the COVID-19 pandemic response in Nepal and measles epidemics response in different districts since its initially working closely with the government health system. He has an in-depth understanding of the health system in Nepal with a proven ability to coordinate and work with the government health system at various levels.
Mr. Neupane was a government officer in different districts and sub-national level before joining the HERDi. His research interests include health systems, child health, adolescent, maternal health, and non-communicable diseases. He aims to generate evidence through research to improve the life of people and health systems for the betterment of health outcomes. He has the double master’s degree in academia, first master’s in business administration and second Master in Population, Gender and Development Studies.

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