HERD International, along with its consortium partners from the Forum for Advancing Better Health Policy and Systems Institutions (FAB-HIPSRI), participated in a panel discussion at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH 2024) event held in Los Angeles, USA.

During the session, we presented our collaborative efforts in co-creating a capacity assessment framework for Health Policy and System Institutions (HPSRIs) in Nepal and the Philippines.

Additionally, we highlighted the networking opportunities that our consortium provides for health policy and systems research institutions in Asia and beyond. Moreover, we discussed the impact of recent consortium initiatives on Health Policy and System Research Institutions (HPHRIs) both within and beyond the Asian region.

The distinguished panelists, including Dr. Sushil Baral (HERD International), Dr. Shita Dewi (University of Gadjan Mada), Leah List (Result for Development), and Pio Asuncion (Department of Health, Philippines) contributed to the panel discussion facilitated by Dr. Harvy Liwang.

HPSRIs play a critical role in providing the evidence needed to inform and guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of the performance/effectiveness of health policies and systems. FAB-HPSRIs is an international collaboration of Health Policy and Systems Research Institutions (HPSRIs) with a mission to foster a robust HPSR ecosystem in Asia through enhanced organizational development. The primary objective of the initiative is to strengthen the “robustness” of HPSRIs by co-creating a contextually tailored framework for assessing their resilience within the Asian context.


March 13, 2024