As part of  ReBUILD for Resilience (R4R) project, HERD International provided technical support to health section of  Kapilvastu Municipality to implement the Health Post Minimum Service Standard (HP-MSS) and Routine Data Quality Assessment (RDQA) in different health facilities of the municipalities.

HP-MSS were conducted in four health facilities and RDQA was conducted in 3 health posts of the Municipality in July. R4R uses HP-MSS tool and RDQA tool for Health Facility Assessment to analyze the gaps in local health system at in terms of quality of services and data.

The objectives of the HP-MSS is to analyze the current situation and evaluate the areas for improvement for the health facilities, development of the action plan for the improvement. Similarly RDQA measures the quality of available data, evaluate the data generating system and develop the action plan to improve quality of both data and its system and also to monitor the implementation of action planned.

R4R studies local health system in Kapilvastu municipality with an objective to generate evidence to build resilient health system in the municipality.


August 01, 2022