HERD International and Kapilvastu municipality jointly organized Public Health Analysis (PHA) training in taulihawa from July 31st to August 2nd, 2023.

The primary objective of this training was to enhance the capacity of various stakeholders, including elected representatives of the municipalities, officials, managers, public health experts, statistics experts, and representatives from other local, provincial and federal government. The core focus was to equip these professionals with the essential skills required to harness public health data effectively for informed decision-making and strategic health planning.

The training program contents included underscores the critical importance of data-driven decision-making in the field of public health. By enhancing the ability of participants to analyze and interpret health data, HERD international and health section of Kapilvastu municipality aim to empower individuals across various levels of government with the skills needed to formulate effective health plans and policies.

The training sessions covered a wide array of topics, including data collection methods, statistical analysis, data visualization, and the utilization of health statistics in policymaking. Participants engaged in practical exercises, case studies, and interactive discussions to ensure a holistic learning experience.

This initiative was part of REBUILD of Resilience Research Project being implemented in Kapilvastu municipality.


September 14, 2023