A workshop of Community led Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance (COSTAR) research project partners took place from 6th – 14th May, 2024, in Kathmandu. The COSTAR Project aims to co-create, implement and evaluate the community led intervention (Community Dialogue Approach-CDA) to address the drivers of AMR at the community level.

This project was implemented in Kapilvastu municipality of Lumbini Province of Nepal. The project has accomplished co-creation, implementation and data collection for evaluation of CDA. Now, the project is in phase of analyses of all the data collected during implementation and evaluation of the CDA.

The analysis workshop was attended by 14 researchers from the University of Leeds, Malaria Consortium, ARK Foundation Bangladesh, and HERD International Nepal.

The team co-created a coding framework to analyse qualitative data during the workshop and collectively pretested using the same transcripts across each country teams. Team members received refresher training on practical tips of using Nvivo software while coding the qualitative data. This was followed by finalization of coding framework and mapping of different types of data obtained while implementing  CDA. The analysis workshop was concluded gaining clarity on next steps for production of research outputs.

Analysis workshop was followed by additional two-day workshop, which was focused on  collaboration and funding opportunities for future research projects at both national and international levels.


May 30, 2024