In a collaborative effort to enhance research capabilities and generate research outputs under Community-led Responsive and Effective Urban Heath System-CHORUS Research Consortium, HERD International hosted a South Asia Regional Writing Workshop in Pokhara. The Workshop was held from September 24th to 29th 2023. Researchers and facilitators from HERD International Nepal and BRAC JPG School of Public Health BRAC University and ARK Foundation from Bangladesh and University of York, UK, participated in the workshop.

The primary aim of the workshop was to cultivate the art and skill of writing high-quality academic papers for peer-reviewed journals, focusing on the research work conducted under CHORUS research in Nepal and Bangladesh. The workshop facilitators, Prof. Helen Elsey and Tom Falconer Hall from the University of York and Prof. Zahidul Quayyum from BRAC University led the sessions, offering insights into journal selection, and writing sections of manuscript. The comprehensive sessions delved into both qualitative and quantitative studies, also incorporating the mixed-method approaches.

A total of 9 draft papers were targeted for the workshop. The event adopted the “Buddies” modality. The leads for each paper regularly communicated their progress to their designated buddies from the University of Leeds, enabling real-time feedback and collaborative enhancements. Simultaneously, in-house discussants critically reviewed the papers, contributing to a robust exchange of ideas.


October 05, 2023