HERD International in coordination with Kapilvastu Municipality conducted three batches of Training for Facilitators and Supervisors on community dialogue in June 2023. Community dialogue is an approach to address drivers of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) through community engagement. The trained facilitators and supervisors will reach out to community people in different groups to deliver the content of CDA materials co-created by the stakeholders. 

A total of 98 facilitators and 12 supervisors participated in the training. Facilitators are the volunteers selected from the local community who will run at least one Community Dialogue that includes at least eight sessions on various topics of AMR for eight months. Likewise, supervisors are the health post chiefs of government health facilities located in specific wards in the municipality. The supervisors have a guiding role in planning and monitoring the community dialogue sessions. 

The training was conducted for five days for each batch. The first two days covered the topics of AMR relating to human health, animal health and the environment in one health approach and the remaining three days included mock sessions to enable participants to develop their facilitation skills through role play and demonstration. The mock sessions familiarized participants with the main resource materials, flipbook and discussion guidebook properly.

The facilitators will use different resource materials including a flipbook that consists of pictorial and textual contents on AMR which were co-created through extensive research and stakeholders engagement. The resource materials were printed in both Nepali and Awadhi language considering the linguistic aspects of Kapilbastu.


July 10, 2023