Training on nutrition survey for data assistants was held in Jumla on 28 Sept-6 Oct 2021 under the Micro-poll project. The Pollination of Micronutrient-rich Crops and Effect on Nutritional Status in a Changing Climate in Jumla, a Remote Mountain District of Nepal or Micro-Poll is a study under implementation in Jumla district of Karnali province in Nepal that aims to describe the dietary intake and record the nutritional status of populations in rural Jumla district over a 12-month period to identify crops providing important dietary micronutrients to these populations.

The training was conducted for 10 nutrition data assistants for 8.5 days. This was comprehensive training including theoretical knowledge, demonstration, rigorous mock tests, use of tablets, and field practices. The training was conducted following safety compliance in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the training, the data assistants will visit the field site for data collection.

The project also aims to record the pollinators of the crops and their sensitivity to climate change so as to assess the vulnerability of local people to crop yield losses as a result of pollinator decline and climate change. We aim to use this information to design strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change and pollinator loss on human health.


October 22, 2021