Being a public health graduate, I was always interested in the research aspect of the public health field. So, I was very much eager to work in a research institute to broaden my knowledge in the public health research arena. Fortunately, the door of HERD International opened for me. With new avenues to learn and explore, I entered HERD International as an intern, a month ago. “New office, new people, new work” I was surely very nervous. Reflecting back to my first day, it was one of the most memorable days of my time at work as I was very much overwhelmed seeing everyone working with so much dedication.

Over a month of working as an Intern under Research uptake and communications, I have had experience of working on background series report writing, special series report writing and media monitoring which is polishing my communication skills and strengthening my report writing base. Besides this, I’ve got an opportunity to work majorly in Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) risk scoring community based research project and Survey for urban equity project. Being involved in such projects have given me hands on experience of qualitative research. Even though being an Intern, I have been given big responsibilities to work in both the research and communications department which has improved my knowledge and skills in different aspects of public health arena. The friendly and supportive colleagues here have been helping me gain more knowledge in both the communications as well as the research process. Which was once a new and intimidating unknown environment, has now become a friendly and intriguing work place for me.

The realm of discovering new things and the process of learning is gradually increasing which is why, I am very much excited for coming months because coming days will lead to bigger opportunities of knowledge and skill enrichment. What I have learned in the span of a month will always be a big part of me growing up professionally which is why I am indebted to HERD International for this opportunity.

Aanchal Parajuli is an intern at HERD International.

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