FAB-HPSRIs is an international collaboration of Health Policy and Systems Research Institutions (HPSRIs) with a mission to foster a robust HPSR ecosystem in Asia through enhanced organizational development. The primary objective of the initiative is to strengthen the “robustness” of HPSRIs by co-creating a contextually tailored framework for assessing their resilience within the Asian context. Subsequently, this framework serves as the foundation for implementing organizational capacity strengthening efforts through a specialized Spring School for HPSRIs, located in both Nepal and the Philippines.

Underlying Theory of Change

The theoretical underpinning of the FAB-HPSRIs project is that a broader systemic improvement can be achieved by strengthening the individual HPSRIs across Asia, resulting in a more robust HPSRs ecosystem in the region. This theoretical proposition highlights the significance of concentrating efforts on individual institutions as catalysts for broader positive change in the field of health policy and systems research.

Key Objective

One of the key objectives of the project is the collaborative development of a comprehensive capacity assessment framework. This framework empowers HPSRIs to conduct a critical self-appraisal of their existing capacities. Through this introspective process, institutions can gain valuable insights into areas that require improvement and subsequently strategize targeted capacity development initiatives to address identified gaps.

Current Progress

Presently, FAB-HPSRI is being implemented in Nepal through a partnership between HERD International and the Nepal Health Research Council and in the Philippines through a partnership between Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes and Department of Health. This joint effort is aimed at designing and refining a comprehensive capacity assessment framework that enables HPSRIs to holistically reflect on their capabilities and tailor capacity development activities to bridge any identified gaps.

In a Nutshell

By consolidating international collaboration, emphasizing assessment, and promoting targeted capacity strengthening, FAB-HPSRIs seeks to advance the health policy and system research landscape in Asia, ultimately fostering a sustainable and impactful ecosystem for health policy and systems research in the region.

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