Report 2020

An analysis of the health sector functions of all three levels of government as per Functional Analysis and Assignments and relevant policies

The Constitution of Nepal broadly defines exclusive and concurrent mandates of the three levels of government, including for health policies and services. “Exclusive” mandates refer to those accountabilities that are linked to a single sphere of government, whereas “Concurrent” mandates are shared by two or more spheres. However, the details of the specific loci of accountability and responsibility for health‐related policies and services are not clearly articulated in the constitution. To help clarify these, the mandates for different levels of government are elaborated mainly in two documents. The Functional Analysis and Assignments (FAA) specifies mandates/functions across all three governments. The Local Government Operation Act (LGOA) defines roles, responsibilities, and rights of the local governments along with other provisions in relation to the operation of local government. Besides that, many laws have been enacted by the federal level in different sectoral or thematic areas, e.g. Public Health Service Act, which also define responsibilities of the different levels in some specific areas.

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