Report 2016

Evaluation Report: Mobilization of FCHVs to disseminate family planning messages using Interpersonal Communication (IPC) in Myagdi district, Nepal

The Nepal Family Planning Programme aims to reduce the unmet need for contraception and
promote the rights of women to exercise choice when selecting a contraceptive method.
Unmet need for contraceptives is very high in Nepal, estimated at 27% in 2011, which
increased from 25% in 2006 according to the Nepal Demographic and Health Surveys
(NDHS). The overall contraceptive prevalence rate is also low, estimated at 43% in 2011 for
modern methods, reduced from 44% in 2006 (NDHS). The Health Communication Capacity
Collaborative (HC3) team in collaboration with the District Health Office, Myagdi,
implemented a pilot to work with FCHVs, with monitoring and evaluation from Mott

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