Sushmita Dhakal is an intern at the IT department at HERD International

It has already been four months since I became the part of HERD International. During this period I have not only enhanced my knowledge but also improved my skills in various aspects.

I am having a good experience at HERD International, a well renowned organization that basically works on the health sector. As my background is Civil Engineering, I knew I will be working for Geographical Information System (GIS), but initially I wasn’t sure what would my involvement exactly be in this organization. I was quite confident that I can work on GIS as it is similar to my field. So with lots of expectations I joined HERD as an intern. Herd International is a big organization and I knew it was a big opportunity for me to enhance my personnel as well as my professional skills.

On my first day, I was very anxious but with time I started enjoying working here. So far, I have learned many things. Working with the senior staff members of HERD International in various projects, I have flourished my skills not only in GIS but in various other source of mapping. I even worked as a GIS engineer and the feeling was really astonishing.

One thing I enjoyed about the members of HERD International was they are all very hard working and work with full dedication and passion. Everyone here is friendly and helpful which made me realize that this organization can be the best place for me to work and to show my ability in GIS field. Though, the field is different, challenges are different, I really enjoy the work.

Reflecting my time at HERD International so far, I can see the change in myself professionally and personally. I have been working in a team, supervising field enumerators and operating different mobile application. It has brought growth in me. This has been very enjoyable experience and I am loving every step of it.

On the whole, this internship has taught me many beneficial things. I have learned to always have an open mind and to be willing to work in any type of environment. I have learned to adapt a new environment and respect not just my supervisors, but my co-worker’s as well.

All my learnings here at HERD International will always be a big part of me growing up. I’m looking forward to take all my learned and applying it in the future. If it wasn’t for HERD International I don’t think I would have developed in such a positive way. I’d like to thank HERD International and all of my seniors and colleagues, for providing me the best working environment and wonderful experience.

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