HERD International in collaboration with Nepal Press Institute recently organized a two-day Health Journalism Workshop for journalists affiliated with national and regional media on 27-28 February 2023 in Kathmandu. The workshop aimed to equip journalists with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and report health-related issues including the multisectoral issues on urban health accurately and effectively.

The workshop featured a range of sessions, including discussions on health systems, the burden of disease and health services, experience sharing of health journalists, mass communication and health journalism, urban health journalism, women’s issues in urban health, technical skills in health reporting among others. Following the workshop, the participants also discussed media output planning from their respective media. The sessions were led by renowned health experts and journalists who shared their expertise and experience with the participants.

The workshop was designed to discuss possible issues of reporting and ways to present evidence-based stories related on urban health. The participants expressed that the media plays a critical role in shaping public opinion and policy, and that the identification of issues and presentation of reports might have a significant impact on the health and well-being of people.

Participants of the workshop expressed the workshop provided them with valuable insights and knowledge on reporting on health-related issues.

“The workshop helped me to identify an unexplored area of reporting and provided me with knowledge and skills required for health reporting”, said a participant.


March 10, 2023