Farmers Field School Curriculum for Pollination Management in Nepal

Farmer Field Schools (FFS) are traditionally an adult education approach, a method to educate farmers in an informal setting within their own environment. FFS are “schools without walls” where groups of farmers meet weekly with facilitators. FFS is a participatory method of learning, technology development, and dissemination based on adult learning principles such as experiential learning. The defining characteristics of FFS include discovery learning, experiential education, farmer experimentation, and group action.

This document is a curriculum for pollination management in Nepal, produced by the Darwin Initiative project team with contributions from the University of Bristol, HERD International, Agriculture and Forestry University Nepal, LI-BIRD Nepal, and Central Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan University. It is based on a Farmer Field School syllabus developed by the FAO Global Pollination Project but has been heavily modified and expanded.

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